Myanmar junta troops burn village in Sagaing’s Monywa Township

Myanmar junta troops burn village in Sagaing’s Monywa Township

Military Council troops and Pyu Saw Htee militia entered and set fire to Nagartwin Village in Monywa Township in Sagaing Region this week, according to local people.

On 3 November around 5:00 pm, a column of 50 Military Council soldiers and 20 Pyu Saw Htee from Tawpu village raided and burned Nagartwin village.

"I heard that more than 20 or 30 houses were destroyed by fire. We haven't been able to return to the village yet, and the Military Council soldiers are still in the village, so we don't know the detailed conditions," a Nagartwin villager said.

According to locals, the soldiers and militia were stealing public belongings from Nagartwin village, transporting the loot to Tawpu village with two tractors.

When the Military Council troops launched the offensive on 3 November, the local defense forces based in the Monywa Township opened fire with heavy weapons and detonated mines targeting the column. There were casualties, but the specifics of the incident could not yet be confirmed, according to a Monywa township-based local defense force.

According to the most recent information from local residents, a few troops have been left behind in Nagartwin village, and the military column has expanded its operations to raid Gyoesu and Htainpinsu villages in Monywa Township's west.