The experience of a Burmese who went down the road to Malaysia

The experience of a Burmese who went down the road to Malaysia

Ko Maung Maung, who is over 20 years old, worked in the fishing industry in Man Aung City, Rakhine State. He decided to leave his professional business and come to Malaysia when the fishing business he had been working in since he was an adult failed to catch fish for two years.

 When Ko Maung Maung started planning to go to Malaysia, his father, who is over 60 years old, said that he would go because he did not trust his son. So the father and son started preparing to go to Malaysia to work.

 "There are many families. I am also married. The work is not convenient, so I have to decide. Father laugh I laugh All 7 of us brothers and cousins."

 But they don't know how to navigate the legal route, and they don't know how to go illegal. So we connected with the brokers and they had to pay 35 lakhs each to get to Malaysia. They had to pay 70,000,000 renminbi for food for the two of them, in addition to selling the things they had at home, they also took loans from outside with interest.

 Last September, 7 of them arrived in Yangon.

 "When we arrived in Yangon, there were about 70 people who would go like us. A lot. There will be about 20 girls too. When we went to Dawei, it was a big car," he said about the beginning of his Malay trip.

 This journey is the beginning of a journey from Dawei, which Burmese workers call the down road, to Malaysia through the jungle through Thailand.

After they arrived in Dawei, they had to go to Mautaung again. From Mt Maung, they had to start a wild journey to cross the Thai border.

 "All the clothes that come in there, I had to leave all the packages. It was a long trip and we couldn't carry it, so we just took a bottle of water. yes If it's only the output, it won't be able to carry it. It's not a short trip," Ko Maung Maung said.

 On the forest road trip they went, the mud forests that are almost along the road, They have to cut the sticks. In addition to being a rainy season, it is a region with good rainfall, so they are well affected by the rain. But they are not allowed to listen for a long time. The leading brokers said that they could not be arrested for a long time.

 "We also saw wild animals. There are also snakes. Because it was night, they had to be very careful. There, even the girls, the poor and needy are still being worked by the brokers. Even in the forest, it's a place where they usually go, so they tolerate it."

 They left at 8 o'clock in the morning and arrived at the Thai border in the evening the next day. Until then, they had not eaten a single meal. We each had to drink a little water from the water bottle that came with us.

 He said it was around 7pm when he arrived at the Thai border. In the Thai border forest, more guides came to pick us up and we had to continue on the forest path until 7 am.

 "If I can't go because I'm sick, I'll leave it." Some girls can't keep walking, so they have to walk with each other."

 Just like that, the next morning, while they were waiting somewhere in the forest, three cars arrived. Inside the car, they sat on each other's lap.

 "Three times each other. And not asked to speak at all. Do not make a sound. Among the people, I put canes on top again."

 They arrived at the Malaysian border in Guava. After staying in the apartment arranged for them for 4 days, they had to move to Salabang again.