Top international news on the night of November 6 as the COP27 climate conference kicks off in Egypt's Red Sea coast.

Top international news on the night of November 6 as the COP27 climate conference kicks off in Egypt's Red Sea coast.

UN Climate COP27 Conference begins in Egypt

 The COP27 conference on climate change, led by the United Nations, has begun in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt's Red Sea resort town.

 In this conference, which is scheduled to be held for 12 days, heads of state from all over the world, More than 100 government leaders will come and gather.

 There will be a few thousand representatives from various governmental and non-governmental international organizations.

 Britain's economy He served as Minister of Energy and Production Strategy. Ashok Sharma, who led the last COP27 conference in Glasgow...

 "I know that world leaders have a lot to prioritize this year, but the longer the climate problem is postponed, the more it will become a crisis." So, instead of dealing with different issues one after the other, let's deal with them simultaneously as much as possible," he urged in the conference's opening speech.

An open letter from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to Elon Mars, the new tycoon of Twitter

 Volker Turk, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, sent an open letter to the world's richest man, Elon Musk, who recently bought Twitter.

 In the letter, Elon Musk urged Elon Musk to focus on human rights principles in managing the social network Twitter page.

 The High Commissioner also criticized Elon Mars' dismissal of the entire human rights group on Twitter as very disappointing.

 Analysts say it is unprecedented for a top United Nations official to directly criticize a private company in public.

 Relevant government organizations, If there is something to say about non-governmental organizations, the UN tends to approach them in private whispers before criticizing them publicly. Now, it is considered that Mr. Tuke, the head of the UN human rights group, is quite concerned about the behavior of billionaire Elon Mars.

Plane crash in Tanzania

 In Tanzania, a country on the eastern side of Africa, a Precision Air plane crashed into Lake Victoria near the city of Bukoba.

 It crashed while trying to get off in the midst of bad weather due to the storm. The entire body of the plane was submerged in the lake. Only the tail is on.

 Of the 43 people on the plane, At last confirmed, 26 people can be rescued.

 Hundreds of armed men stormed the Pakistani police station

Pakistan police station raided

 In Pakistan, at least 5 police personnel were killed by armed bandits.

 Hundreds of armed men raided a police station in the southern province of Sindh.

 The police station, which was recently opened as a base for the release of kidnapped victims in the district of Gotki, was attacked.

 Some police officers were arrested and taken away. Reports from there said that some vehicles were also taken.

Canadian government orders to sell back Chinese shares in lithium mines

 The Chinese government has criticized the Canadian government for engaging in non-routine economic interference.

 3 Chinese companies that own shares in lithium mines in Canada. The Canadian government has ordered that they must sell back their investments.

 The Canadian government says there are national security concerns.

 The economic ministry of the Chinese government is saying that such sanctions are an unfair act. They said that they will do what is necessary to protect the rights of their companies.