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Bennett Braun, Psychiatrist Who Fueled ‘Satanic Panic,’ Dies at 83

Bennett Braun, a Chicago psychiatrist whose diagnoses of repressed memories involving horrific abuse by devil worshipers helped to fuel what became known as the “satanic panic” of the...

China’s ‘Special Place’ in Modi’s Heart Is Now a Thorn in His Side

Narendra Modi once looked up to China. As a business-friendly Indian state leader,...

A Perpetual Bridesmaid Gets the Crown, and Germany (Mostly) Likes the Look

Executives at Bayer Leverkusen, the longstanding but habitually middleweight German soccer team, have...

U.S. Targets May Not Be on List in Possible Iran Attack, Officials Say

American intelligence analysts and officials said on Friday that they expected Iran to...

Computer Theorist Wins $1 Million Turing Award

Computers seem methodical, deliberate and utterly predictable. But they can also behave in...

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